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The Stork Agency is a South African premier egg donor program
We welcome you to the world of your hopes and dreams ...

A global egg donation agency, based in South Africa. The Stork Agency assists South Africans and international recipients finding egg donors. We are currently expanding our data base of quality egg donors to ensure the most suitable donors of your choice.

The Stork Agency is a SASREG accredited egg donor Agency and fully complies with all requirements.For more info visit: http//

We will ensure professionalism, integrity and high care of recipients and donors alike. Our team will support you through our egg donation process, in what we hope will be an end to your infertility journey, making your hopes and dreams come true.
The Agency
The Stork Agency SA was started in 2013, in an attempt to assist couples who at this stage have more than likely battled with years of infertility and experienced the heartaches associated with it.
The Stork Agency is run by Nicole who has completed a PhD in the Reproductive Biology and has extensive experience in the Health & Wellness industry.
Intended Parents
The initial, comprehensive pre-screening process involves an extensive personal interview with the egg donor. A donor profile will be compiled. During the personal interview process, the egg donors will be evaluated. This rigorous evaluation of the donor gives you the most complete and meaningful picture possible in your search for the perfect match.
Most intended parents have struggled with infertility for years and suffered numerous disappointments from previous unsuccessful fertility treatments. Our goal is to eliminate further disappointment by providing donors who are culturally and ethnically diverse, intelligent, creative, charismatic and embody passion and enthusiasm in all areas of their life.

Having a baby through egg donation...a gift of life...
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